Thursday, November 19, 2015

Transfer your image to wood tutorial!

Hello there my crafty peeps! It's Mindy here. Today I wanted to share a project I've been wanting to try for a while now. I had seen a tutorial on pinterest, transferring laser printed photos on wood. I thought, well I can do that with a laser printed digi stamp and then COLOR on the wood. This is such a great idea and so much fun to color on wood. Just think of all those adorable wooden ornaments in the dollar bin at Michaels. You can have tons of little ornaments to give away as gifts or have yourself a little Saturated Canary Christmas! :)

Ok, ok, you are probably like, Mindy.. get to the point.. how do I TRANSFER the image?!?!

First thing is first, you MUST print using a Laser print printer. I used the Saturated Canary Image, Christmas Attire because I LOVE her!
Next, you are going to trim your paper so you can see where you are placing your image.
Then take a strip of tape and tape the edge of the paper to the wood to keep it in place. You only need to tape one side, this way when you lift the paper to see the transfer, once you place the paper down to continue transferring it will go in the same spot.
Then - IRON the image! Set your iron to the highest setting and iron back and forth. You don't want to leave it setting there for too long, it will burn the paper. 

That's all.. then color. 

So simple and such a fun and different technique. It's the only thing, you'll find me ironing! 

 Well, I hope you like my project today. 
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Hugs, Mindy


  1. Wow mindy, this looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mindy this is truly beautiful and i now need to find this paper :D

  3. Amazing...I just need a laser printer

  4. Just two questions, what paper did you use to transfer the image and what did you colour it with? It is stunning by the way.

  5. This is amazing thankyou for sharing this x



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