Friday, December 18, 2015

Dt Franz and Xmas Dress ♥

Hello everybody Saturated Canary lovers!

Franz here with a Christmas card again...
I found this girl by Krista too sweet and as soon as I saw her (and her dress!), I thought of  RED, the most Christmas colour of all! RED is her skirt and about all of my card too!

RED is one of the hardest colours to manage I think, but it can give you lot of satisfaction!
After some attempts, I think I have found the Copic Markers combo that works better for me and now I'd love to colour every image in red!

Maybe also because Christmas is just around the corner?!! :P


  Let's have a look to my BLOG if you like to know something more about my little project :)

Thank you all for stopping by


  1. Look at those pleats. Beautiful coloring.

  2. So beautiful as always is your card ....sending lots of Christmas Wishes take care xx



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