Thursday, August 27, 2015


Image- Nymphlytte from Saturated Canary.
Hi everyone!!

Lou in with a bit of inspiration for you all today.I  decided to go for a mystical woodland theme scene for the gorgeous Nymphlytte from Saturated Canary. She is just gorgeous and a relaxing dig for some bits to make a scene and grab my hot glue was just what I needed today.

I even found the umph to make a little stream with a scrap of paper, some woodware fluffy stuff for foam and some gorgeous beeds in different sizes, topped off with glaze to keep it looking watery!!! I tried to get a piccie for you all with the flash but not sure if it worked!! lol!!

Thank you for popping in
Lou xx


  1. WOW this is amazing, what a brilliant creation, Hazelx

  2. Oh, wow! That is just awesome! It looks so much like Maleficent before she lost her wings! This is just gorgeous!!!

  3. Louuuuuu. You know how much I adore your work, and this beauty is stunning!!



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