Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More gorgeousness from the DT for the Backpack Friends...Legacy project fundraiser

Morning everyone!!

Well I promised you some mid week gorgeousness from our DT and here it is ...swoooooooon!!!!!

Pop into their blogs and see them because the pictures on the girls blogs are so much better than the ones I can get on here!!

And if you haven't donated to get your digi's yet, (that's THREE characters~ A set of girls. A single boy. And then a combo of the boy and girl (from the girl set). I combined the two older characters to use Krista figured people would want to use them that way for Valentines !!!) you will find the details of where you need to go below these photo's.

So, by by donating to the Backpacks of Hope Pure Legacy fundraiser you will receive  these images especially Krista has drawn for the fundraiser.

You will receive if you donate to the charity. All the details you need to know how to get your digi's are on this link and please read carefully!!

And peeps, once the date is up for these images, they will be retired and not return so get them while you can!! Quick go now!!!!

And how is Krista doing so far?!! well this cool little widget below will tell you...



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