Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Card Swap Link Up

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I've waited to post this as some babies haven't gotten their cards just yet:(...You know how it is-- when you are eagerly awaiting something in the mail it takes FOR.EV.ER.  I had hoped they would all be delivered by now.

Anyways, do not worry if you haven't gotten the card in the mail...the linky will stay open and we can revisit it in the summer-- because I plan to do it again.  It was A LOT of fun for my kids and it sounds like everyone really enjoyed it!  

To link up, just do a post featuring what your child received.  (If you are comfortable with it, you can post a photo of your kiddo, too!  Mine are all too happy to ham it up!:)

Thank you to all the kids who participated!  You guys are so special and made this a fun, unique experience...Niamh and Philly now have two new friends.  I hope you all were able to forge a new friendship-- even if it is one that spans the globe!



  1. Krista, I would love to know more about how this works :)

    1. i held a card swap earlier this got swap partners, made a card with an SC image, then mailed away:). I'm going to do another when summer gets here, bc I think it was s upper fun!


  2. Krista it was such a wonderful idea, my daughter loved her card, and had great fun in making her one up too :) I will take a piccy of it later and get it blogged. Joey xx

  3. Hi Krista, My girls loved it and received such amazing cards from their talented friends, they hope to stay in touch and send updates regular, its so much more than a card swap, its helped my girls write sentences, learn about different cultures and o so much more, Thank u so much, will take pics later and post, and cant wait for their next swap,
    Huge Hugz
    Kenzi xx

  4. Hi Kirsta, just wanted to say a very big thanks for organising this. Emily loved making a card for her new friend Jade who lives on Jade's island!!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you. My daughter loved making a card, and posting it all the way over to America.
    Sarah-Jane xx



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