Monday, January 30, 2012

Kid's Card Swap!!!

This is my daughter, Niamh.

saturated canary digi

...In the 3D glasses she saves form every 3D movie we go to.  I actually think they are pretty awesome.

She wants to be an artist when she gets older.  And maybe a singer, too.  

Oh.  And a dancer.  This chick can shake her booty:).  

She is scared of all the same things I am.  

Loves to play in my heels.  

She has my eyes.  And she has her dad's sense of humor.  

She makes Philly play dolls with her.  (Philly's Iron Man + Niamh's Monster High girls = TRUE LOVE:)

She says she doesn't like sports, but she corrects Philly when he says any of the NY Giant's names incorrectly...which leads us to think she pays more attention to the games than she lets on.

She hates to lose.  

She is gracious and loving. And very thoughtful...In many ways, an old soul.  Always thinking/worrying/loving like a person much older than 8 years of age.

Yesterday, Philly hit her in the face accidentally with his arm.  She cried...and I asked, "does it hurt a lot or a little??"  She replied:  "Medium."  :)

All these things make her my little woman:) bestie.  I love her more than my life...Sometimes so much my heart aches!  And we spend a lot of time together...

She loves to color my stamps and use my desk.  She can color with my markers and use my papers.  She loves to journal and write stories, too.  

I get so many messages from customers saying that their kiddos love to use their stamps, too...And occasionally, I even get emailed a photo or two of their sweet creations!  I love that.  I think out of all the sweet notes and kind messages I've been sent over the past few months, the ones about sharing your creative time with your children make me feel the happiest.  I love spending that time with Niamh.  Often, I run my new stamps by her before I scan them in...just to see her reaction.  See if she likes it or not.  And yes.  I have redrawn stamps because of her suggestions:).  Yeah, mama got the thumbs down here and there;).  

Niamhy also loves getting to 'know' you guys.  I've received quite a few cards in the mail, and she is just as thrilled as I am to hold and inspect  them...They have all been amazing and beautiful!!  She gets such a kick out of things being mailed from overseas.  You should hear her British accent.  And she is currently perfecting her Scottish:).  

I started to think how to do something special and get her involved in the card making/coloring she enjoys so much...A little project to give her something to look forward to.  So, here is the plan...

**We are going to host a Kid's Card Swap** 

If you sign up for the swap, each child participating will need to make one card with a SATURATED CANARY DIGI or SIMPLY SASSY RUBBER STAMP.  If you have more than one child in your family who wants to play along, each one will be paired with a separate partner...So everyone gets their own card and makes a new, long distance friend!

If you are interested in signing up your child/children, here is what I'll need:
Email me at  subject line "CARDSWAP" and include the following information:

~number of children who want to make a card and send it away




~favorite color(s)


~And finally, please let me know if you are willing to ship internationally. **

Please send your email by Friday, February 3.  (No late emails will be matched with other swappers!! Sorry!)  I will be randomly pairing the children together.  Kinda like a pen-pal sort of thing...They will each need to make one card for their partner and have them mailed out by **FEBRUARY 11**!!  

We will be hosting a link up party to show off the kiddo's cards on February 29th!  It will be so much fun and a great way to share a little of your crafty time with your babies:).  Niamh will be so excited and be checking our mail every day, I know!  Hopefully, it will be something kind of 'old school' that the kids get to enjoy and have fun with...I know computers and phones make it easy for even children to stay connected, but it is always so much nicer to open an old fashioned, snail mail card!:)  

I'm excited to get everyone matched send over your emails and let's get our children involved in some coloring and creating.  And some new-friend making!!:)

... Now I just need to talk Philly into some crafty time:)
...He's more of a football kinda guy:).  



  1. Fab idea Krista, my kids are a little too old for this now but I'm going try and talk my friends daugther into it as she loves making her own cards and I'm always passing her little bags of my stash to use.

    Hugs Pam x

  2. I looooooove this Krista! A fabulous idea, you are so sweet for thinking of something so FUN the girls are going to LOVE this! I sent my email :) xo

  3. This is such a delightful idea Krista - I haven't got any little ones but I can imagine the delightful of doing this - maybe I need to 'invent' my own little child???? as I've not got one I can borrow either.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Such a sweet idea, I've asked my Emily and she said she would join in. Off to email you. Sarah

  5. Lol I have just bought Lucy a pair of "geek" glasses on ebay as she has been wearing the 3d ones too, but she wanted real ones!

  6. Krista I love the idea of this, and its so kind of you to organise it all :) I have sent you an email :) Joey xx

  7. what a fabby ide krista. oh how i wisch that my 2 year old was a little bit older. I really am looking forward to those times when we can sit and craft togheter, well, we already do, but its at the finger paint level still so... and sometimes she also does her beautiful art at the walls. Actyally i think that we have her art on every wall in our house,lol. what can i say...she loves to draw...

  8. This is a great idea Krista!! xx

  9. What a fabulous idea! Wish I had some kids (or grand kids) who could participate. Will forward a link to a friend who's grand daughter might like to participate. I used to craft with my Daddy. Sweet memories. xxD

  10. Lovely idea! I sent you an email... and surprise our 12 year old daughter! Great to get post from accros the sea!


  11. Ok, question here, lol, can i be a kid again......hehehe, no serious, super idea and know the kids will love this!!
    In one of the pic's on your blog, Niahm and your images eyes looks so much the same, absolutely gorjuss, she is cute!!
    lotsa luv

  12. Awesome idea Krista. I know Jazmine would love this. I will have to tell her int he morning what I did and what she gets to do. She will be so excited.

  13. what a great idea! Seriously though. :-)


  14. I've sent you an e-mail for my 2 boys :)
    They're very excited !!

  15. What a fantastic idea, Krista! Unfortunately, I was too late finding out to have my 8 year old enter - he loves making cards and creatures out of things from the recycling bag! Hope this will be a regular thing, if only annually, as I'm sure he would love to have a go! It was great to read about your little angels, they all have their own quirks, don't they?! Thanks for sharing your wonderful images...Lisa x

  16. That's great! I'm glad to hear she loves making cards and projects! My granddaughter's and even the grandson's want to come spend the night just so they can stamp and make a card for this one or that one...makes me happy. It's nice to know that she has an eye for what looks good and helps she, that has to make her feel good! I love her name, been meaning to tell you that. I made a card finally with one of your images, and she would probably like it at her age :O) When a lot of times it's when our girls are little and don't like boys and then bam! it changes to the other way doesn't fit into this weeks challenges..bummer! but I think maybe she would like it!



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