Monday, October 24, 2011

Wee Teeny Tutorial...

Okay having never done a tutorial before I had no clue what I could possibly share with you all.....everyone is so very talented and what could I possibly show you??!!!  Anyhooo I thought I would share with you how I do my notebook edge on my papers...I don't own the fancy is on my ever growing wish list which I am working my way through when the pennies allow! So I am always on the look out for other ways to create things....before I bought my nesties I had loads of shaped templates cut out of acetate...went all round the house looking for different size circle shapes!
I have to say that I did not come up with this idea...I came across it while surfing around blogland and I am kicking myself as I cannot remember the blog I saw it on!  If anyone else knows please get in touch so I can add a link!
You can use a fancy hole punch or I like to use a bog standard paper punch

Use your hole punch to punch holes along the edge of the paper you are going to use

Then with your scissors do two little snips from the paper edge into the hole

And there you have it!
I hope you have found this helpful?!  If anyone has anything they would like to ask me about my cards please get in touch and I can share how I do it here!



  1. ooooh jane you are so clever!! this is just absolutely fabulous as one of those punches is on my needs list too!! thank you so much for sharing this! off to have a go now.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. great idea Jane - I have an EK success punch, but the holes are more square-ish, so this would save me having to buy another border punch, cos lets face it, they're nae cheap

  3. a fantastic and clever idea...thanks for the great tip :0)))

    Hugs Nicole

  4. Great idea Jane! I don't have this punch either so will save myself some money! Pami x

  5. Brilliant Jane. I had to chuckle as I stole my husband's ancient hole punch that he was going to throw away as it's small & neat just like yours - except it's grubby yellow (had better give it a scrub methinks) & more battered. This is going to be super useful.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. omg, this is awesome, Jane!!! I love this - thanks for sharing this awesome trade secret. I am def going to have to give this a try!

  7. What a great idea. I was looking for this kind of punch but this is just as good and no pennies needed! Thanks for sharing!
    Lynne x x

  8. fantastic tutorial jane :D
    thanks for sharing.

    xx coops xx

  9. Very clever, thank you for sharing this Jane. Can I ask??? Do you know if anyone does tutorials on how to colour these beautiful Saturated Canary images with Pro Markers step by step? I love your card and love the buttons in the shape of a flower :0)

    I for one would love to see tutorials (or an idiot's guide in my case) as I am a learner.

    Thank you, Sonia xx :0)



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