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TOU might just be the most boring thing to read through in the whole world.

 I don't believe in long TOU's. I have kept mine short and sweet in my product descriptions since I started my online shop. However, the omission of some specifics may at times make things vague. So here is a "short," more thorough version of what I allow and what you need to adhere to in order to use my stamps in the proper, legal way. I added some extras that probably do not fall under 'TOU' but think they are valuable pieces of info and may answer many of the repeated questions I receive.

 Let the fun begin:)...

 Here is the short and sweet TOU I have kept with my product description from the beginning:

Please do not *redistribute, *lend, *duplicate, *re-sell, or *copy any of my digital stamp images. Please do not post them online except as part of a project (i.e., card, scrapbook demo, etc.). You may use the images to create and sell handmade/colored cards and projects; please give credit to *Krista Smith, Saturated Canary LLC* for the image. 

 I should clarify and add a few things to this.

 1. You cannot make new products to sell with my characters on them. Basically, you are limited to HANDMADE craft projects (and yes, you can sell those individual products). But you cannot use my art on tee-shirts that you sell (which some people have done without asking), for your fondant cake creations, for polymer clay characters, for cross-stitch patterns...and everything else in the world that would need a license to use my art on.This also includes digitally colouring in my images, they must be hand coloured.

2.  You cannot sell card toppers (a stamp colored in, but not as part of a larger project).  I know about the random Ebay sellers that like to fly low on the radar and sell card toppers for like .75 a piece.  I report them.  And I write to them, asking them to refrain from doing this.  Card toppers de-value my art.  That is the reason I do not allow them...not because I want to keep you from making money with your crafty/coloring skills.  Find a different way, please.  (Here is an example of a better, legal option.)

3.  Do not chop off one of my character heads and add it to a different character's body.  Do not de-member my art.  That is just mean.  Also, do not use parts of my characters to add to your own character art.  That is even worse.  Basically, do not kill off my illustrations.  This is not the zombie apocalypse.  You don't need to cut off heads and limbs, mkay?

4.  Do not think that because you can draw, you can use my character art (or any other artist's for that matter) to draw FROM.  This violates my copyright as the artist of the original characters.  This should not have to be included in TOU, but I have dealt with this since 2011 and, quite honestly, get very sick of the lack of effort and imagination by other so-called 'stamp artists.'  Some people seem a bit confused, so I am including it here.

5.  I allow Copic/coloring instructors to use TWO different digis for one coloring class.  The digis must be printed with "Krista Smith, Saturated Canary, https://saturated-canary.myshopify.com/"  NO UNCOLORED STAMPS CAN GO HOME WITH THE STUDENTS.  If you can abide by those simple rules, you can use two digis per class per student.  Also, you do not need to email me asking for permission to do this.  Just follow the rules:).

6.  I DO NOT sponsor challenge blogs any longer.  This is a permanent decision.  It will not change in 2015:).  Please do not email me asking for stamps and sponsorship.  While I value the past challenge blog relationships that I had with many different DT's and blogs, I no longer want to engage in sponsorships.  It was actually incredibly time-consuming, and I simply needed to de-clutter some of my work time from the "extra" things.  Thank you for understanding.

7.  If you use my Homeschooling Worksheets for stamping/crafty purposes, I am okay with it.  You still need to follow my TOU in the way in which you use them for a final project.


9.  DO NOT REMOVE MY WATERMARKS.  If you have bought the stamp, you will get an un-watermarked copy of it...NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO REMOVE A WATERMARK.  If you find yourself doing this, please realize that you are doing something highly illegal.

10.  You should watermark the photos of colored-in stamps across the centre of the image and craft projects you post online.  This is not just to protect me, but also YOU.  Don't be surprised if you find a card YOU MADE in a magazine with NO acknowledgment that you made it if you do not take the time to make a watermark and use it.

11.  You can merge my FULL, UN-ALTERED, original characters with background stamps from other companies.  Go for it.

12.  Please respect my artwork and do not find imaginative ways to 'get away' with something questionable.  If you have a concern that is not covered here, please email me or post your question to my FB page for everyone to see.  I will answer it there.  Don't be shady, yo ;) ...

That is hopefully it.  But maybe not... I am happy to answer questions or further clarify my policies.  Please feel free to contact me if you need to.

Please also be aware that I am a mama before anything else.  I homeschool my kids and enjoy my family time, especially during the weekends.  Sundays are for church and feeling refreshed.  Our evenings are sometimes very busy.  Please know that I do value every message I receive, whether it is on FB or sent as an email.  BUT, I honestly do not get to answer every one.  I do read each one... sometimes I read them in line at the grocery store or in a traffic jam or right before my eyes close for the night.  I do not always get a chance to respond to everyone, and I apologize for that.  Most of my emails will get a response; most of my FB messages will not.  I do not check FB as regularly, so please email me with a clear subject heading to receive a 'timely' response (be patient please, especially over the weekends).

Thank you for understanding that I am a busy mama and value the time with my kids and husband very much.


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